ZnPc photosensitizer-loaded peony-shaped FeSe 2 remotely controlled by near-infrared light for antimycobacterial therapy

Announcing a new publication for Acta Materia Medica journal.      The development of novel antimicrobial agents is highly desirable for treating bacterial infections. The authors of this article constructed a smart photodynamic therapy (PDT) system based on a combination of peony-shaped ferroselite FeSe2 particles and zinc (II) phthalocyanine (ZnPc) photosensitizers.

Effective energy transfer occurred from ZnPc to FeSe2, because of their proximity, thus eliciting the OFF state of ZnPc photosensitizers. Under 808 nm NIR light irradiation, the photothermal effect of FeSe2 promoted the release of ZnPc, thus turning on the photodynamic effect of the photosensitizers (ON state). In vitro, FeSe2-ZnPc exhibited high photo-to-thermal conversion efficiency (26.4%) and effective generation of reactive oxygen species for combined photothermal/photodynamic therapy.

Therefore, the FeSe2-ZnPc hybrids have great potential to serve as alternatives to antibiotics for eradication of pathogenic bacteria.


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Peng Wu, Xiaoning Liu and Yuheng Duan et al. ZnPc photosensitizer-loaded peony-shaped FeSe2 remotely controlled by near-infrared light for antimycobacterial therapy. Acta Materia Medica. 2023. Vol. 2(2):260-269. DOI: 10.15212/AMM-2023-0012

Updated: July 3, 2023 — 9:45 am