Acta Materia Medica provides an open platform for rapid publication of the latest findings, approaches, and viewpoints related to all related areas of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, including, but are not limited to, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, natural products, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacy management.

Acta Materia Medica welcomes the submission of research articles, review articles, databases, minireviews, commentaries, editorials, short communications, case report articles, and study protocols.

Coverage includes:

  • Pathophysiology of important diseases and disease vectors
    • Novel therapeutic strategies
    • Novel methodologies facilitating the search for therapies
    • High-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, parallel synthesis and library design
    • 3D Structures and functions of therapeutic targets
    • Structural biological studies of relevant ligands and targets
    • Discovery, design and synthesis of biologically active agents, including natural products, therapeutic macromolecules
    • Drug delivery
    • ADME/Toxicology
    • Advances in key compound classes and therapeutic areas
    • Omics in pharmaceutical sciences
    • Biological databases, web-based software for pharmaceutical sciences
    • Studies of biological activity or mode of action
    • Structure-activity correlations of drugs
    • Development of new imaging and diagnostic tools
    • Computational studies the SAR of compounds, target informatics
    • Business strategy for pharmaceutical industry
    • Clinical research and trials, meta-analysis
    • Management, commercial and regulatory issues in pharmaceutical R&D
    • Other aspects of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences

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Article Types Published

Acta Materia Medica publishes research articles, review articles, mini reviews, commentaries, editorials, short communications, case report articles and study protocols.